Road to Agincourt is a two year programme marking the 600th commemorations of the Battle of Agincourt.

Our two year programme, supported by Art’s Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund will explore and offer new interpretation of those events of 1415.

Last year, Road To Agincourt celebrated the famous victory when Henry V’s small ‘band of brothers’ defeated the flower of the French army. The programme successfully saw three new commissioned plays performed in partnership with The Berry Theatre, and a series of bespoke events and activities were hosted throughout the year to help the public step back in time and uncover the story of the Battle of Agincourt.

Now in our second year of the programme, known as From Tree to Sea, Road To Agincourt will launch even more activities, events and performances throughout the year, to celebrate the aftermath of the Battle of Agincourt. This year we will uncover the mystery of the Grace Dieu, Henry V’s flagship that met its sunken end at the bottom of the River Hamble. We will also discover The Legends of Sir Bevis and we will be using the latest technology in new projects to bring Hampshire’s history to life.

Keep checking back for the latest news as we continue our journey on the Road To Agincourt.