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Thrilling new online film version of this acclaimed play by Ben Musgrave explores the murky story of the conspiracy to overthrow King Henry V – The Southampton Plot.

Maybe there’s treason in us all…

The year is 1415. The armies of England muster in Southampton, preparing to launch Henry V’s invasion of France.

But Scrope of Masham has discovered a dark plot that threatens to unseat Henry and change the course of history. Scrope, loyal to his king, intends to reveal all, but as he uncovers more, at Itchen Ferry, he is pulled across the dark water…

This medieval-set thriller by award-winning Ben Musgrave left audiences on the edge of their seats when it recently was performed at venues including Portchester Castle and *St Julien’s Chapel.

Now see this story of The Southampton Plot,  a gripping tale of deceit, jealousy, dishonour, and betrayal, in all its screen glory.

Shot entirely on location in and around Southampton, Hamble, Portchester, Burseldon and Netley, watch the story of the plotters who dared take on a King.

The first instalment, The Road To Southampton, online now.

The remaining four episodes will be released online weekly until 21st October.

Suitable for ages 14+ Running time: 15mins

*With special thanks to Queen’s College Oxford

As a piece of historical drama, it [Across The Dark Water] really should be seen by many more people – not so much because it celebrates an important event that took place in Portchester and the surrounding area but because it gets inside the terrors and frustrations of the medieval mind, and like Shakespeare’s history plays, reveals something of the workings of human nature, brilliantly.

Dr Ian Mortimer, author of the groundbreaking 1415: Henry V’s Year of Glory


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