Author’s Panel – Medieval Weekend

Location: Manor Farm & Country Park, Bursledon


Saturday 30 July

Start Times:



Join in the discussion with four published authors at Road To Agincourt’s Medieval Weekend with Ian Friel, Lynn Forest-Hill, Will Gill and Cassandra Clark.


Author's Panel

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1:15pm– Learn all about Henry V’s Navy with Ian Friel, an exploration of the ships, men and operations of Henry’s sea war.

2:00pm– Discover Bevis of Hampton with Lynn Forest-Hill, a translation of the 14th century romance tales of the legendary Sir Bevis.

2:15pm– Re-live the action of Agincourt 1415: A Graphic Novel with Will Gill, the story of Henry V’s victory over France in the year 1415.

2:30pm– Solve the Hildegard Mysteries with Cassandra Clark, a series of the danger and intrigue of 14th century England.