The Battle of Agincourt Historical Timeline

Events as they happened

1408 – 1414 AD

Sir Thomas Gray entered the service of Prince Henry, later Henry V
Lord Scrope made treasurer by Henry IV
Lord Scrop married the wealthy widow Joan Holland, her step children were Edward Duke of York and his brother Richard Earl of Cambridge

9 April –  the coronation of Henry V, Earl of March created one of the 8 knights of the Bath

  • Lord Scrope sent on a diplomatic mission to France, negotiation begins for Henry V marriage to Katherine de Valois
  • Richard Earl of Cambridge restored to his title. Earl of March fined 10,000 marks which helps to finance the French war

1415 AD


27 February –  Richard Cliderowe assembling ships, hiring vessels in Holland and Zeeland

  • 10 March – key Londoners told of the King’s decision to invade Frrance
  • 19 March – the Admiral, the Earl of Dorset told to arrest all ships over 20 tons and have them at Southampton by 8 May
  • 11 April – order issued to seize all ships of the realm including foreign vessels from the mouth of the River Thames to Newcastle and for the English vessels to be sent to Southampton by 1 May
  • 16 April – King Henry V announces his plans for French invasion to his council
  • 26 April – Richard Cliderowe hires more ships from Holland and Zeeland
  • 9 May – Henry V at Westminster
  • 10 May – Henry V at Reading
  • 26 May – Hampshire ordered to provide 200 oxen. Meat was reserved for the kings household in Southampton
  • 27 May – proclamation at Southampton that the bakers and brewers should work under the direction of the under-sheriff to prepare for the arrival of the army
  • 5 June – Henry V at Winchester
  • 16 June – Henry V left London
  • 16 June – Henry V at Winchester at Wolvesey Castle until 6 July
  • 17 June – Sir Thomas Grey met with the Earl of Cambridge at Consborough Castle
  • 20 June – Sheriff of Hampshire ordered to bring live animals from Alresford, Lymington Romsey, Fareham to supply the army
  • 23 June – Lord Scrope makes his will at Faxfleet
  • 30 June – Henry V met the French embassy at the Bishops Hall at Wolvesey Castle

1415 AD – July

5th July
  • 5 July – Henry V at Portchester Castle
6th July
  • 6 July – Henry V at Southampton
  • 6 July – Earl of Oxford musters his forces at Wallopforth
7th July
  • 7 July – French Embassy left England
8th July
  • 8 July – 50 Lancashire archers under Robert Lawrence and 50 Lancashire archers under Sir Richard Kyghley, Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk and Sir John Grey of Ruthin mustered at Southampton
10th July
  • 10 July – Henry V at Titchfield Abbey till 17 July. Here he ordered copies made of French offers made during the reign of Henry IV to be sent to the emperor and others
13th July
  • 13 July – musters at Southampton Common Sir Thomas Epringham, Sir Charles de Beaumont, Sir John Robessart, John Rothernale, John Strange, John Fastolf
14th July
  • 14 July – retinues of Earl of Huntingdon, William Lord Botreaux, John Grey, Sir Roland Lenthale and much of the royal household and yeoman of the bakehouse, buttery, spicery etc mustered at Swanwick Heath
16th July
  • 16 July – Humphrey duke of Gloucester musters his forces at Michelmerst
17th July
  • 17 July – Henry V at Bishops Waltham
  • 17 July – Grey came to his lodging at ‘Hamulton’
20th July
  • 20 July – order issued at Southampton to take musters of the troops
21st July
  • 21 July – Thomas Gray called on the Earl of March at his lodgings at the Greyfriars at Southampton
22nd July
  • 22 July – Henry V at Southampton till 28 July
  • 22 July – Grey, March and Cambridge agree to meet and sup at Cranbury
23rd July
  • 23 July – Cambridge and Grey ride to Hamble in the Hook to meet with Earl of March
24th July
  • 24 July – Henry V makes his will at Southampton in the presence of Sir Thomas Erpingham, the Earl of March, Bishop Caterick and Bishop Partington and witnessed by the Earl of March
  • 24 July – Scrope, March and Cambridge came to Southampton.
25th July
  • 25 July – Scrope, Grey & Cambridge meet at Itchen Ferry
26th July
  • 26 July – Sir Thomas Grey lodged at the Greyfriars at Southampton
28th July
  • 28 July – Henry V writes to Charles VI of France, sent from Southampton
  • 28 July – Earl of March has and interview with Henry V who demanded £2000 as the first instalment of March’s marriage fine
29th July
  • 29 July – Henry V At Portchester
31st July
  • 31 July – Grey & Cambridge and March meet for supper at Cranbury
  • 31 July – Earl of March informs Henry V of the plot against him
  • 31 July – Grey, Scrope & Cambridge attend meeting at Portchester and are arrested and taken to Southampton