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The Countess’ Photoshoot With Guy Stauber

Our fantastic cover artist, Guy Stauber, has produced work for the likes of Marvel, DC Comics and Lucasfilm, but working on Blood & Valour is an entirely new challenge for him. Learn more about Guy’s love of Daredevil and the Hulk as a child and get a glimpse of how he works in this insightful video.

Blood & Valour in One Minute

We asked the team behind new comic book Blood & Valour, writer Matt Beames and illustrator Marcus Pullen, to explain the expansive storyline in under one minute. Find out how they get on with the task here.

Professor Jon Adams on the Grace Dieu dig

The University of Southampton’s Director of Maritime Archaeology explains how he and his team will excavate the wreck of King Henry V’s greatest ship, the Grace Dieu, buried in the mud of the River Hamble.

Mary South speaks about her work as a Heritage Guide

Southampton Heritage Guide Mary South speaks about her nearly 40 years delivering tours and educating people about the history of their local area, and believes that anyone with a passion for history and a natural curiosity should consider applying to become a guide.

If you are interested in training to become a Heritage Guide, then follow this link:

Meet The Designer Behind The Waymarkers

Meet Print Designer Mariska Parent, the designer behind the waymarkers that mark the route of the King’s Great Ship’s Trail at Manor Farm and Country Park, which follows the pathway down to the Grace Dieu, King Henry V’s grand flagship.

Highlights From Medieval Weekend

Take a look at some of the best bits from our medieval weekend, which took place on the 30th and 31st July at Manor Farm and Country Park.

Folk Round by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Official Opening of the King’s Great Ships Trail

The King’s Great Ships Trail at Manor Farm and Country Park is officially opened by Cllr Des Scott, Mayor of Eastleigh. The trail was devised by Eastleigh Borough Council’s Culture Unit, and funded by Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme.

Bevis of Hampton with Lynn Forest-Hill

We caught up with Lynn Forest-Hill to find out more about her book ‘Bevis of Hampton’, a modern-day translation of the 14th-century middle-english poems. Discover all about her inspiration and why she thinks the local legend should be important to the people of Southampton.

Music created for The Berry Theatre’s Road To Glory production, reproduced courtesy of composer David Lewingtone.

BEFORE: The King’s Great Ships Trail

The first look at the woodland trail that will be transformed into The King’s Great Ships Trail. Music created for The Berry Theatre’s Road To Glory production, reproduced courtesy of composer David Lewingtone.

Medieval Free Company – Bringing History to Life

Peter and Jen Hood explain about their historical re-enactment group and what kind of activities they’ll get up to at Road To Agincourt’s Medieval Weekend.

Hampshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

The Road To Agncourt team went along to a workshop to uncover how spinning and weaving has changed since the days of Henry V. This highlight reel shows what members get up to during their monthly meetings.

Matt Beames visits St. Peter’s Church

Matt Beames, writer of The Legends of Sir Bevis, heard a rumour about some familiar faces appearing at St. Peter’s church in Curdridge, so naturally, he went along to have a look…

Building the Agincourt Map of Hampshire

A Blue Donut Studios artist creates the map of Hampshire based on the work of renowned Medieval Map Maker John Speed.


The Road To Glory: In Rehearsals

We stopped by to hear the first sing through of David Pearce’s musical score. Here’s a little taster of what was going on…

Daniel Hill Visits Azincourt

Footage from Daniel Hill’s research trip to Azincourt and Harfleur.