Designer Carl Davies is the mastermind behind the set designs and costumes for The Berry Theatre’s new Agincourt play The Road To Glory. 

Here in a 60-second style interview the gifted designer talks about his involvement in the exciting project which tells the little-known story of Hampshire’s role in the now legendary Battle of Agincourt.
RTA: Tell us how you became involved with The Road To Glory… 

CD: I have been designing shows at The Point for nine years; it’s like a second home for me. This will be my 19th show with The Point and The Berry Theatre – and probably one of the most challenging.

RTA: Challenging? Can you tell us more…

CD: You always face challenges when designing shows such as this. I guess just making the show physical in the set and feeling it is alive and interesting… Also having some reveals is fairly challenging. This particular piece has been written with so much physicality you can basically try anything as long as it works with the director’s vision and doesn’t get in the way of the performance. Luckily, I have worked with Daniel [the director] before on a number of productions, we usually have a very similar outlook when creating a new show. It’s good to have that understanding and shorthand.

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RTA: Did you know much about the Battle of Agincourt before you came on board the project?

CD: Not really, no, but I see this as more of a creative adventure with a strong through line of historical content. Visually the story is very much a bright modern rustic world, with a bold physical presence.

RTA: And your research for the production, what form has it taken? 

CD: I guess I have been researching this period in history a lot in terms of costume more than the set. The cut of the tunics and the texture in costume for me is very important.

RTA: Can you tell us a little about the designs…

CD: The set is incredibly simple but exceptionally malleable. Everything has the option to be moved and changed in a way that you wouldn’t conventionally change a setting. However, as with all shows the design is always subject to change and will evolve as the piece does in rehearsals. I have been away from the rehearsal room a lot so it would be good to see how the performers interact with the ideas.  What I can tell you is that the set will start off very minimal and contrived and will get exceedingly more broken down as the piece goes on…

RTA: And finally, what are you hoping your design will bring to the production? 

CD: I think the design will bring texture, unity and a climbing frame for the story to be unravelled…
The Road To Glory is written by Neil Duffield and directed by Daniel Hill. Commissioned by The Berry Theatre, and supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, the play tells the story of the role Hampshire and its people played in King Henry V’s journey to the Battle of Agincourt. 

The Road to Glory is being staged on October 30 & 31 at The Berry Theatre in Hedge End. For more details, click here