Our friends over at Chandler’s Ford Today have written another fantastic blog post about our upcoming events and activities. The Road To Agincourt team pass on a big thank you to Allison Symes for keeping up to date with us and for enthusiastically promoting the project and our events.

This blog post focuses on our exciting Medieval Weekend, which is only a few weeks away now. Read on for some quotes from Allison’s writing.

For all lovers of historical re-enactments, it should be of huge interest.

I think the weekend and events sound fun. Much as I love Doctor Who, the nearest I would want to get to time travelling would be to visit an event such as this. And the great thing about historical re-enactments is they give you a chance to sample the past without being stuck in it.

On the bed of the River Hamble lay the wrecks of some of the world’s most famous medieval vessels, the “great ships” built for King Henry V’s campaign against the French in the Hundred Years War.  The Battle of Agincourt was just one part of this.

Among these wrecks is King Henry V’s flagship, the Grace Dieu. Over the weekend, you can meet the archaeologists working on the wreck who I’m sure will be delighted to explain more of what they are doing.

The historical re-enactments that will be held over the weekend at Bursledon should help bring the past to life too. Historical re-enactments of course are an ancient tradition in this country. The jousting tournaments so beloved of Henry VIII and others would have been a re-enactment in their way (a nod to King Arthur and his knights and their acts of derring do).

Read more here to see more of Allison’s thoughts of the weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!