One of our latest projects, the new graphic novel Blood & Valour, is going from strength to strength in the run up to it’s release next year. Blood & Valour is a medieval fantasy novel re-telling the legends of Sir Bevis of Hampton in comic book form. The tales of Bevis were said to be much loved by the young King Henry V and might’ve been an inspiration to him as he crossed to Channel to France during the Battle of Agincourt.

Every month we will round up the highlights and progress¬†Blood & Valour until it’s release, with posts borrowed from the official website. Read on to find out what’s been happening lately behind the scenes…

Realising The Countess – Photoshoot #1

Lynn Forest-Hill Guest Blog: The King of Scotland’s Daughter

Video: In Conversation On The Characters In ‘Blood & Valour’


Video: The Countess’ photo shoot… with Guy Stauber

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